Callouses: the sign of hard work done well.

Or, in my case:

Blisters: the sign of soft doughboy attempting to do hard work once in a blue moon.

Ah, well. We haven’t done nearly as much stuff outside this year*, so I haven’t had a chance to build up the callouses, but today we attacked the neglected yard with a will, clearing branches, raking and mowing for what will likely (hopefully?) be the last time. We’re both wiped, as a result, but it’s the best kind of wiped.

I did manage a few minutes of additional pencil lifting this afternoon, though, and ran into a hopefully minor stumbling block. One of those things that feels like it could easily be ignored or glossed over if I wasn’t me. But I am, for better and for worse, so I’ll work out a way through it tomorrow.


* For reasons explained by our new 25″ tall housemate ;)