That’s really cool! (Dang it!)

3+ pages of writing so far this morning, which is awesome. Except 2+ of those are for an entirely new story. I had to actually force myself to stop writing that one in order to at least get something done with NGD3, and it was hard.

Option A – Put NGD3 on shelf and run with excitement and energy of new story (potentially a new short to put out to magazines)

Option B – Stick with NGD3, since we’re more than halfway there and leave the new story for the time being.

It’s not really a choice for me, of course. Option B is the only thing I can live with. I’m still very excited about NGD3, too, and I’m very looking forward to the upcoming action, but the new story idea is something very different and that’s very compelling in it’s own right.

Ah, well. All in good time, young grasshopper.

And now the baby wakes and we get to play!