Writing by candlelight

Thanks to the  new later daylight savings time change, the last couple days I’ve been writing by candlelight — not because we have no power, but just because I can — and I find it satisfying on a rather deep level.

Don’t get me wrong; I love technology and electricity and indoor plumbing and hot water and all that, but there’s something deeply romantic and powerful (for me, at least) about scratching away with pencil and paper by the light of a flickering candle.

True, this may not be doing wonders for my eyes, but then my eyes are already, shall we say, less than perfect, so I doubt I’ll see much difference.

Ha! Get it? ‘See’ much difference? In my eyesight? Get it?


I know, but imagine putting up with this kind of so-called humor every day. My wife is a martyr saint*.


* And I am an idiot for using the wrong word there in the original post. Doofus.


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