Down the rabbit hole?

Tonight’s 5+ minutes put Kelly & Co. ‘through the door’, so to speak, but I think what looks temptingly like a crazy mad race to the end is actually going to be something quite different. I think this partly because I’ve learned better than to assume, and partly because that’s what happened in HHNF.

That last thought seems a bit ‘deliberate’ on my part, like I’m deciding to force a change in the story arc to avoid repetition. I suppose that’s partly true, or would be if I could do so without everyone in the story yelling at me and refusing to play. On the other hand, there remain other forces at work in this story that have certain agendas that go directly against that — oooh! I just saw it! Okay, need to scribble that down asap. Check back tomorrow!




    • Thanks, beloved. I suppose I should be more deliberate about this kind of thing — and I reserve the ‘right’ to be completely wrong about such discoveries — but I do love the way they can just jump out like that. Still feels like magic.

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