Just keep doing the work

Last night, as I contemplated yet another day gone and my 5 minutes not yet done, I was having a moan and feeling all self-pitying and uncertain. I wondered how much longer I would keep at this ‘writing thing’.

My wife handed me my pencil and paper and said, “A little bit longer.”

And she was right.

While these last few days have felt more like work and less like creative fun, in the end, it was necessary, as it always is. After slogging through these doubts, changes of direction and re-re-re-imaginings of the plot, I’ve finally — and this time I mean it — found my way again, which I simply wouldn’t have if I didn’t keep putting pencil to paper and trying to find my way.

Writing, for me, isn’t always just wonders and discoveries and cool new people. The fact that it’s like that for me far more often than not is genuinely remarkable, and a lesson for me to better endure these ‘difficult’ stretches.

Which brings me back, as it always does, to the most important factor, at least for me: My wife. Having the constant support of someone — wife, partner, best friend, what-have-you — who never stops encouraging me, has been more fundamental than I can fully express.

Thank you, Mary.