Sad commentary

I just finished maybe ten minutes of writing, but in the last couple minutes, at least 6 fire trucks and an ambulance have come by and stopped a few houses down from ours. There’s no indication of fire and I’ve heard no crash, but we live on a rural route with a speed limit no-one seems to pay attention to and there aren’t any sidewalks, so we don’t really know our neighbors directly next door, much less a few houses down.

On a night like tonight, though, it drives home just how fragmented and broken our society seems to be, when a) I don’t know the people whose house — maybe 100 yards away — is the focus of this attention, and b) I can know that there’s nothing I can offer to help out with whatever they’re dealing with and my presence would only be as a bystander/rubbernecker.

This doesn’t feel like the way things should be. I suppose it’s on me to make more of an effort to get out and interact with folks, sidewalks or no, but even that doesn’t change the fact that if it were a fire or some such, I really couldn’t offer any help and the best thing for me to do is not to try.

Well, I can at least hope those firefighters and ambulance folk have good luck dealing with whatever they are dealing with, tonight and any night. Good vibes have to be worth something.




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