Half-hour, half-page, wholly awesome

I’ll be honest: I’ve been a bit frustrated at the lack of time writing lately.

While I cannot complain of any of the things that have taken up the time (spending an afternoon with just my lovely wife, picking out and cutting down our first Christmas tree with our little girl, finishing the necessary end-of-term grading, shoveling the first real — and very beautiful — snowfall of the year), I get easily dragged down when I see how little progress I am making with this book (see yesterday’s post for an example of my thinly-veiled angst).

This morning looked to be no exception, until I finally finished the how-little-time-I-have-and-how-little-I’ll-be-able-to-get-done-and-it’ll-probably-be-junk-that-needs-to-be-rewritten-anyway moaning and complaining. Then, thankfully, I got my butt in the seat and started writing.

After half an hour I had barely half a page, but what a half page! It’s filled with spoilers, so I daren’t say much, but these 20 or 30 lines pack the emotional punch I’ve known was coming but wasn’t sure how to find, as well as propelling (or drop-kicking?) the momentum of the story for what I expect is the last quarter (maybe less) of the book. What’s more, a couple of underlying threads are becoming more visible at just the right time, raising the stakes of the situation for Kelly and Co. once again.

And wouldn’t it be great if, instead of spending nearly 20 minutes talking about this, I’d actually gotten another half-page or so written?

Cue the guilt.


(The half-page is still written, though!)