Thank you, Windows Update!

Today’s 20 minutes of writing was made possible by Microsoft Windows Update!

Unintentionally, of course, but when I tried to close down my laptop and head home at the end of the day, Windows promptly began installing the first of 4 certainly critical updates. Thankfully, I had brought my pages to work and was able to spend the time quite productively, rather than furiously (and equally impotently) cursing the delay of my departure homeward.

This meant another half-page of writing, which was fine, though I’ve noticed lately that I’m finding it a bit hard to choose the right words for a given description, conversation or other situation. I ‘know’ what I want to say — or, more accurately, what I want the reader to read/experience — but I’m struggling a bit to find the way to properly express it. This may well be a case where it’s more important to get the main gist down and keep going, but I really don’t like intentionally leaving areas for revision, which should not be revision but — at least it seems this way to me right now — which should be given the proper time to find the proper words.

For the time being, though, I will continue to blunder my way along a fuzzy grey line between getting it right and keeping up the momentum.