Where am I going?

Perhaps more pertinently, where is Kelly going?

Only 15 minutes this evening, most of which was scratched out, only to be resuscitated with a saving circle of the pencil, and then crossed out again. Part of this was because I had forgotten to truly listen during yesterday’s scene, meaning I didn’t hear (or not hear, in this case) a particular problem. Tonight’s back and forth, though, forced me to stop and really pay attention to what was actually causing all this confusion.

When I did so, I realized what I had missed, and then found, when I addressed that problem, that content I thought had been wasted from the ‘re-alignment’ the story went through a couple weeks ago (already that long?) is actually just right in this new location. I guess it was simply ahead of its time.

For all this great confluence of stuff, though, I’m still at a fairly significant loss as to what’s coming next.

Hm. Actually, I guess the title of this post is a little mis-leading. I know where we’re going; I just don’t know how we’re going to get there.

More fun!