It’s hard to write with a pre-toddler trying to use me as a ladder

…but it was actually pretty funny and, rather surprisingly, not as obstructive to my thought process as I expected.

For example, my handwriting for those lines (well more than 5 minutes, but only about 5 minutes of actual writing) is probably not much better than my little girl’s (did I mention she’s a pre-toddler?), but the dialogue that came out of that time is pretty spot-on, with some unexpected zingers.

And I did write yesterday, too, but we lost power in the afternoon and though it was back in a couple hours, the storm winds blew down a major line (and pole) for our Internet provider, so I wasn’t able to post again til today.

Oh, and one of the trees next to our house blew down, landing across the length of our yard instead of smashing through the side of our house. Which, obviously, is good.

And now, to bed. Wonder what tomorrow will bring!