Grrr… Arrg!!! (or, where there’s support and encouragement, there’s a way)

This was going to be a nice note about how incredibly supportive my wife is of me stealing time to scribble lines on paper and all that, and how even this evening’s ten or so minutes were pretty cool writing — and all that remains perfectly true — but it was nearly lost in my frustration with trying to type this post on her new-to-us iPad. I have to assume I’m completely digitally (as in finger) challenged, but I still cannot understand how anyone can imagine that keyboards do not need to be tactile or ergonomic and that touch screens are the only real future. Again, I may well be missing something (and yes, I’m cranky and old), but I just can’t see it. I’m slow enough writing as it is, without adding the infuriating work of trying to fix typos on a touch screen.

Anyway, thanks, love, for always supporting me with this craziness I’m trying to do.

(And yes, I am aware that that implied singular verb in the title should, in fact, be a plural. Sue me.)