Writing an unbalanced character is . . . unbalancing.

I half-expect to look back on this post and shake my head at my own embarrassingly obvious self-delusion, but I think one of the reasons I’ve been having such a hard time hitting my stride with the writing these last couple weeks is I’m dealing with a character who lacks certain . . . let’s call them ‘boundaries’.

While this was not entirely unexpected*, it’s not a type of character I’ve written before, so my learning curve is a bit steeper than expected, resulting in a lot of false starts and — most confusingly — false starts that are not, in fact, false at all.

Once I came to this realization during today’s hour and a half of writing**, things began to move more productively — I would not say more smoothly, but certainly more productively — and they felt better, too, which I’m taking as an indicator of going in the right direction.

I also spent some time on an idea that hit me out of the blue which may or may not be extremely cool, but first things first!


* Not entirely, but mostly.

** Made possible by my amazing wife, who also made cookies!