Better half

This morning my wife took our little girl with her on some errands to give me some devoted time to write* and I’ve just spent most of a couple hours above the garage doing what I should be doing.

The result?

A couple of new pages, plus some necessary re-fitting of earlier pages I thought had been wasted. I’ve since realized they were just ahead of their time, but when I finally reached their ‘true’ place, I didn’t have the older pages with me to integrate, so I’d been doing some assuming. Today, however, all that I-have-to-get-to-that stuff was addressed, cleared up, and put in its proper place.

What’s more, I forgot just where this old stuff left things, which is on the cusp of some very cool and exciting** stuff. I’m still largely in the dark about most of the details therein, but it seems to be working so far and I’m anxious to see what ‘wicked this way comes’!

But first, I really need to wash the dishes before they get home. Sorry, dear.


* After making me swear that I wouldn’t do any housework. Seriously. How lucky am I?

** In a dangerous, scary and, if I may, compelling kind of way.

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