I have seen The End!

Well, of this book, at least.

Still, that’s pretty great. A couple hours of alternating between fervent writing, rifling back and forth through previous pages and notes written months ago, and — if I’m honest — blank-faced wondering if any of this will work, resulted in three pages of very tight, nigh-incomprehensible scribbling that revealed, once and for all*, the way out of this book.

As recent posts have implied, I’ve been winging a lot of it recently. This is definitely not my comfort zone. So this morning I decided to try and get back to some semblance of clarity for the way forward. It didn’t come all at once, and it’s probably about as messy as the rest of it, but it’s all there, sketched in varying degrees of detail*, and ready to be fleshed out.

I think.

As always, I won’t know til I’m done, but this really does feel like it’s right, and nails down most*** of the key points along the way. Moreover, it all ties in very nicely with the outline and background material I started with all those months ago, without feeling contrived or otherwise forced.

So, I’m feeling very good about this overall — there’s some really great stuff coming up, very challenging for Kelly & C0, and some definite writing challenges I’ve given myself — but I think I’m most happy with the fact that I can see the finish line. It’s been an uneven run and being able to see the end ahead is a big relief.

Now, after a nice break for lunch (with a bit of The NeverEnding Story) and this post, it’s time to get back to it!


* And this time I mean it!

** Part-outline, part-dialogue, part-scene blocking, that sort of thing

*** Yes, this delightful word does leave open the opportunity for another painful tumble down a rabbit hole, but we’re trying to be positive here.