Heavy-handed it is, then. And late, too. (and thank you)

I tried not to slip into clichés or forced contrivances, but I think I still pushed too hard with that scene. It’s a bit sad to see how easy it is for me to slide that way sometimes. Thankfully, I still have revisions to save me, and I’m pretty sure this bit is going to need it.

Speaking of revisions, I’ve had to finally accept the reality that I’m not going to be done in time. I had genuinely expected to get TDYK out in the wild sometime this winter, but I just don’t see that happening. My best (realistic) guesstimate is about another month or so* before I reach The End, and that will just be the first draft. While I’ve steadily reduced the number of revisions, even a couple more passes** will take time — at least another couple months, all told — putting the release date sometime in April, at the absolute earliest.

So, yes, I’m bummed about this, but, really, I am extraordinarily lucky to be doing this at all. Our lives have seen a massive*** shift this past year, and yet, I’ve still managed to put pencil to paper nearly every single day****, resulting in a currently 4/5ths-complete new novel. Seriously, that’s pretty darn good at an average of probably 15 minutes a day.

Of course, precisely none of this would be possible without the ceaseless support (and occasionally necessary prodding) of my beloved wife, as well as the encouragement of several others, including Annabell and Bridget, Jen, Terri Ann, and Chris.

Well, hm. That’s not where I expected to end up with this post, but this is better.

Thank you all (and here’s hoping the final product does not disappoint — and that my estimates are longer than reality).


* Minimum

** Which I think will be the absolute minimum — 1 to read it all in and fix the big stuff, then at least 1 more to finesse the remaining rough patches

***  . . . wonderful, weepy, exhausting, elating, surprising, satisfying, deepening, delightful, fabulous and fundamental . . .

**** I think I’ve missed 3 days since I started back in August.