Untangling the pieces of the soup of brilliant chaos

Yes, that was an intentional* mangling of metaphors**, because that’s kind of how today’s writing felt. I spent an hour and a half above the garage, with only a bit more than a half-page actually written.

I’ve mentioned before that this last section was jumpstarted recently by a renewed clarity of where things were going, which is true, but this clarity has been muddled somewhat by my good intentions. Specifically, I was so excited about some of these new elements that I couldn’t stop various scenes from writing themselves, regardless of the fact that I was anywhere from 2 to 30 pages from reaching said scenes. In order not to lose the excitement, I wrote down what I could keep up with.

Don’t get me wrong; this was a great thing and it got me out of the doldrums I’d been slipping into. However, it means I have a number of scattered scenes that need to be stitched back together. In some cases, this will be realtively straightforward, but in the last couple days I’ve managed to create a nearly recursive set of nested scenes, which has been looming over me.

As a result, the vast majority of this morning’s time was spent slumped in thought, slowly but steadily teasing out the final flow of these various parts. More than once I thought I’d written myself into an infinite loop, but with some more careful consideration, a couple adjusted intros and outros, and a cup of green tea and some bikkies, all is now well.

I hope.

I have another small bit to add to an earlier scene which is the last outlying piece, but I’ve put down the main points and should be able to get through that tomorrow. From there, I’m back to the regular flow of the story in proper order.


* This time, at least.

** And ‘brilliant’ is certainly hyperbole, but it seemed to fit the phrase.