Transitions can be such buggers

About 20 minutes this evening gave me about a third of a page, tops, but that was enough to get past the slight hurdle I’d left off at. Mainly, this had to do with finding the right transition to move from a bizarre moment to a seemingly mundane one. I’m clearly still developing my skill with the finer points of getting from one scene to another, particularly when the gap to be bridged is so vast.

Part of my problem is that I can see how it would work in a movie, but I can’t get the words on the page to emulate that smoothness and effectiveness. It’s important that this huge change happen subtly, but very quickly, and I’m having trouble making that fly. This is another situation where the visual media (when employed well) have a definite leg up on the written word.

Of course, I don’t think I really need to spend that much time worrying about it, most folks will get what’s happening, but it still feels too rough, too deliberate*. In other words, not right.

I’m pretty certain there’s a way to do it, though, so I’ll leave the finessing to a future draft, for now. I’ll be interested to see what my reaction to this transition will be when I read it again in the future.


* Can something be both rough and deliberate?