Great writing! Wrong story!

I made some good progress this morning on the story, with a couple of pages of some cool, and a bit weird, stuff. I’m not 100 percent sure it will work as I’m hoping it does, but it’s feeling pretty good and I’m anxious to get some feedback on it.

Which means I need to finish, which brings me to my next point: My wife took over the baby care this evening to give me even more time to write, but I only managed a few more lines before I found myself almost physically dragged into another story entirely. It doesn’t have anything to do with Kelly & Co, nothing to do with anything else I’ve written. In fact, it’s a horror story — but not the blood and gore type — and a contemporary mainstream one. And it’s personal. And it just wouldn’t let me go.

A half hour later I had 2 pages of very compelling material for what I hope is a short story and I want to keep going, but I’ve hit a spot where I need some actual professional input or the whole thing will fall flat. Plus, I need to catch up on some missed sleep. And I really, really need to finish TDYK before I go running off onto other things!


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