Oh what a tangled web I weave…

. . . when first I deviate from the outlined path.

Okay, so not a rhyme; sue me.

Anyway, thanks to a great day of writing**, I am this close to getting out of the tangled maze of scenes that I’ve wandered* into.

And now, it’s time to change a diaper and try my hand at a pasta sauce from scratch for dinner!


* Well, ‘wandered’ is probably a bit disingenuous. There was definitely a bit of a plan to it. Not as much as I’d’ve liked, of course, or there wouldn’t be this mess to get out of, but anyway . . .

** And a great day with our extremely talkative daughter (reminding me, yet again, of my great good fortune).

  1. Without that footnote (and prior knowledge of your life) one might ask whose diaper. ;)
    Happy to know it was a good day all around.

  2. Saved by the footnote ;)

    And the sauce turned out pretty well, didn’t it? Good ingredients did most of the work; I really just stirred — and forgot to add any herbs, which you thankfully remembered :)

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