Back out of the rabbit hole

An hour or so this morning got me finally free of that tangled stretch of interweaving scenes. I didn’t get quite as far as I’d hoped, but it’s good to have that behind me.* It’s been a couple weeks of trying to write in one place while keeping three or four (five?) other mostly-connected-but-not-completely points in time clear in my head because each depended upon the other, and more than once I thought I was lost down a rabbit hole with no white rabbit to follow**. While it turned out not to be so, it was definitely far more than I expected from what I thought was going to be straightforward.

So much for the omniscient author myth.

I have to admit, though, trying as it’s sometimes been to hold this all together, I think the result is also far more than I expected, in the best of ways.

And that’s a very good feeling.


* For now. I’m sure the revision of that section is going to be a whole big bundle of its very own joy.

** Does that make sense? Ah, well. I can’t tell and I’m too tired to care enough to figure it out.


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