Would the real Page 150 please stand up?

Today I reached page 150 . . .


. . . but not the 150th page.


Well, there are C page 143s, H 147s, a B of 148s, plus P-R from my more-than-outline notes, so there are actually 24 pages between page 140 and 150.


Oh, sorry. I guess I haven’t explained that before. Since I hand-write the first draft, this is how I keep track of things when I get into something like the byzantine scene tangle the story just emerged from. Once I get into the situation of beginning new scenes before ending others, I can’t just keep numbering the pages sequentially because the parts that I’m writing are now out of order, sometimes significantly so. So I use the alphabet as a secondary numbering system, so C is 3, H is 8, etc.

Isn’t your day job in IT? Working with computers and such?

Yeah, why?

So instead of using something simple and immediately obvious to anyone, like the decimal system for example (147.1, 147.2, 147.3, etc.), you chose letters which require you to manually recalculate each sequence if you ever want to know the total number of pages.

Um, yeah.

How absolutely brilliant!

No need to be sarcastic.


I need to stop having these conversations with myself.

Don’t pin this on me, mister. This was your idea.