Baby, it’s cold outside!

The Weather Channel says it’s 2 degrees right now. And that it feels like -18. As in below zero.

I would only add that it’s not much warmer above the poorly heated garage. Not even with a cup of hot apple cider.

Thankfully, the fire’s going in the den and my finger’s have thawed out enough to type.* I was able to get an hour of writing in, though, before they stiffened up. Two+ interesting, fast-paced pages, though I’m not entirely sure where this bit is going. I am pretty certain that it will not have a direct presence in the book, but it will inform some other things and I wanted to nail it down for certain rather than guess what was going on and filling in the blanks later.

Hm. Now feeling unpleasant rumbly in tummy. Perhaps that cider is off. Yay.


* Thankfully, also, I have a house to have a fireplace in and a job to buy oil for the furnace. All my problems are not problems. I hope you and yours are also warm and safe.

  1. Tank tops and shorts? In January? Outside? That’s just crazy talk!

    I know it’s strange, but I actually prefer the cold (yes, even when it means numb fingers and frozen cheeks). Fall and Winter are my favorites. Heat and humidity make me cranky and lethargic.

    Of course, winter is also sick season, for which I am not feeling terribly grateful at the moment…but it makes me appreciate being healthy again (I have to keep telling myself that).

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