Writing the haystack.

Another great couple pages or so this morning, thanks to yesterday’s lesson, which tells me that it was the right thing.

That said, I’m pretty sure there’s a fair bit of extra in this material, but I’m no stranger to writing the haystack first and finding the needle in revision*. You’d think since I’m doing the writing that I’d be able to know where the needle is right off. I wish**. But as my wife is more than well aware, I often need to over-explicate before I can properly articulate the heart of an issue.

However, the writing ended with a rapid-fire monologue from Kelly that seemed to come — for me as well as her — completely out of nowhere. It nailed the moment, though, and brought a bunch of things into sudden focus. So much so, that I didn’t want to stop, but my glass of water felt a few degrees from turning spontaneously into an ice cube. And nature was calling.

TMI? Probably.

Ah, well. Time for another shot at that driveway.

And probably some cookies.


* Okay, so usually the third or fourth revision, but who’s counting?

** Well, maybe not. In hindsight, I think I — and the story — gain quite a bit of indirect benefit from pouring everything out on the table first and only later going back and sifting out the best bits. It’s more time consuming and I’m sure it would be great to just write the good stuff on the first pass, but if it were that easy, I don’t think I’d enjoy it even half as much. Literary masochism?


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