How do people write in coffee shops?

Okay, so it was a wine bar and not a coffee shop, but same basic premise, no? All those other conversations going on, music that I can’t choose or change, and then needing to pay through the nose for non-alcoholic beverages?

A lot of people can and do, clearly, but I’m certainly not one of them. Too easily distracted and too stingy, apparently.

I did, however, enjoy an evening of short Shakespeare skits, sonnets and soliloquies, including one of each performed by my very talented wife, which was quite fun and the real reason I was there, so no complaints whatsoever.

And I managed several sentences of something new in the hour before the show started. I brought the laptop but forgot to bring the next pages of TDYK to type in, so I took my wife’s advice and put pencil to paper again to see what would happen. It seems to be something decidedly dark, but I think there might be an unexpected twist to it.

We shall see.


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