Vomit, fever, crying, 1 am . . . ah, parenthood.

So it’s been a rough couple nights for our little girl. She seems to be through the worst of it finally, though, and we are very grateful. Getting back to a full night’s sleep will be great (and hopefully we’re there), but really there are few things worse for us than to see our child unwell and be largely powerless to fix it (beyond consoling, holding, and some baby Tylenol).

There might be an axiom of parenthood in there . . . When there’s very little you can do, you do as much of it as you can as well as you can for as long as you have to.

Yeah, I like that.*

I did, however, get a good hour or so of writing this morning during her nap and the issue I decided to bypass yesterday was addressed today. It felt quite good, too, like I was back into being in the story along with Kelly. More connected and natural.


* Well, not the doing part of that sentiment. There’s nothing to like about 3 hours in the middle of the night cradling sobbing, puking baby. Period.



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