60 pages done, tangles be damned!

Thanks to my incredible wife for giving me a few hours of solid writing time*, I was able to type up 13 pages of writing and maybe another page of additional smoothing and adjusting material. This, despite a half-dozen or so page/plot tangles.

Very good stuff, though, especially considering that I was worried about the pacing of this section, what with all the unexpected interventions, surprise revelations and burgeoning conflicts, bit I really think it’s working.

Now, though, I’m coming into a section that I think might be a bit heavy on the exposition, so it might go a bit slower as I try to weed out the unnecessary ‘splaining.

Still, great progress.


* And that after a particularly long week, a very full day yesterday, and Lillian being up for about 3 hours last night. Seriously. I am the luckiest man.