I’ve missed early starts

Another chilly above the attic morning, though this one started at 3:30 instead of the intended 5am, because, for reasons beyond me, I was awake for the second time, and not going back to sleep.

But mornings are really my best time, and now that our schedule seems* to be normalizing, it feels very, very, very good to be able to get back to morning writing time. As proof, this morning saw another 10 pages down, putting me on page 71, which is about a third of the way done!

Today’s bit included several pages that are out of order — I wrote them down because that was when they were coming to me and I didn’t dare put them off for fear of losing them, and I am so glad I did — but I now know exactly where they belong. The section is a bit monologue-y, but in a good way, giving Kelly a new perspective on things — including the ‘why her’ question! — and raising the stakes again.

But that’s all I’m saying for now!

Because now it’s time to thaw the fingers, have some breakfast, and get ready to snowblow from this supposedly walloping storm coming in.


* Knock on wood!