Sleep is good.

A good night’s sleep and we’re all back on track, thankfully. The croissant and pan chocolat for breakfast didn’t exactly hurt, either.

Perhaps that explains the 14+ pages typed today. I suppose I’ll just have to test that theory tomorrow.

I’m definitely in the middle of the ‘splaining bit, though. Unsurprisingly, parts become more obviously expository as I work out the various tangles, bringing it all in line, so I’m going to have to do a fair amount of culling here in the next draft. One section with this situation has a fair amount of back-filling description, the kind of thing to help readers who haven’t read (or have forgotten) previous books catch up.

I’m not a terribly huge fan of this kind of thing, though, at least when it’s done as obviously as this part now reads to me. I think it has the potential to be more effective, but it definitely needs some work.

And now, back to bed.