Another sugar-based writing myth busted

No pan chocolat this morning, but another 10-12+ pages (the tangles are making it hard to count accurately) this morning means, sadly, that I can get by just fine without it, as is true for my other indulgences masquerading as writing supports (tea, bikkies, scones, candy . . .).

Ah, well.

As I mentioned, though, the tangles are beginning to take over again. I’m on page 104 or 106, depending on which section of the tangle I’m looking at. Either way, though, it’s pretty close to half way, which is good.

On the downside, the ‘splaining is resurfacing. I think it’s warranted, and it is coming inthe form of an unexpected conflict, but now I’m hyper-sensitive to exposition and worry that everything that isn’t action is too boring.

It will be good to finish typing this up and get another break before hitting it again. I need to get some distance for some perspective on this and a few other things. After the next draft, though, I should be ready for my beta readers, though, which will be the real test.

But that’s getting way ahead of myself. Finish this draft first, mister!

  1. Yay from beta reader 1!
    And, incidentally, it is spelled pain au chocolate or, in Montreal, chocolatine.

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