The last 20 pages are the hardest

I think this has been fairly true for me with the previous books, as well.

For some reason, 40 pages is still a long way from the end, and 30 is a little closer, but crossing 20 feels disproportionately imminent and my excitement really picks up, both to see the end of the story and, honestly, to be done with it*.

Unfortunately, I just can’t type fast enough. It will still take me several days to get there**, which is only more frustrating the closer I get.

Still, I’m very close, and I can’t but be pleased with that.


* At least for the moment, as this doesn’t include the whole asterisk process or the uncertain number of additional revisions.

** See above.

  1. Kind of like the ends of a parabola: Always approaching, but never quite reaching.

    Or not, because that’s really depressing.

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