Asterisks, but first: Dragon-wrestling

[This was supposed to be yesterday’s post which I thought I’d lost, but since I found it and it’s late and I’m tired, I’m using it for today]

Yesterday’s 6 hours of writing was a great push, but work on Draft 2 continues. There are the asterisks I’ve been complaining ahead of time about*, but I now realize I’ve been willfully ignoring the fact that I did the first 25 pages using Dragon Naturally Speaking, which had for some reason been working far worse than normal. As a result, every paragraph or so has sentences like:

“Step the T-shirt out, feeling angry and guilty.”


“…make sure everyone safe in the snow shouting serving goes smoothly excavation point”

Ah, technology. You always make life easier.


* Okay, so not exactly the bajillion I’ve claimed, but distinctly more than a handful.