Being Chicken Little

“You do this every time.”

That was my wife’s response yesterday after I told her about the middle of the night writing fiasco I’d run into followed by my statement that I’d found an answer before I fell back asleep.

Yes, after all that ‘the sky is falling and I’ll never fix it’ complaining in yesterday’s post, I had the fix ten minutes later.

Another good reason I shouldn’t be blogging.

Anyway, when I later went to put the fix in, I discovered that not only is my wife right*, but if I had read only a little further I would have found that I had, in fact, already fixed the problem. Apparently, I had discovered this problem either during the first draft or during the typing in**, and made the various changes necessary, though I obviously missed the first reference to the issue, resulting in yesterday’s delightful ‘end of the world’ scenario.

So, yeah, I’m an idiot.


* As she normally is. Simple fact.

** The fact that I don’t remember this is both a bit disturbing and not at all surprising.


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