From a long way off

Well, there’s the working title for you. Interestingly — perhaps tellingly — I don’t know what it means yet, but there’s something to it that feels like my subconscious has found a connection that my conscious mind has not caught up to yet. Here’s hoping.

Also, it’s going to be a novella. Probably. It might expand a bit (surprise!), but I doubt it (ha!).

And I am, in fact, past the ‘start’, so things are starting to move along. However, given the personal nature of this piece and its very targeted audience, I’ll probably be holding off on further updates.

That said, I’m trying out a few new things, such as a new (old?) writing style and composing at the computer, so I might make mention from time to time, but I think it will be more sporadic than recently.

We’ll see.

Now, breakfast.