Still stumbling on the threshold

I know, I know. I said I was finished with the ‘starts’ of this novella. I really thought I was, but it’s like that bit of not-quite-fitting threshold in the doorway from our dining room to our kitchen that I catching my toe on. I can’t seem to get the very end of this beginning to feel quite right.

Moreover, I feel more compelled to get it right when composing on the computer than when handwriting. I know this logically and know I should just move on, but something keeps dragging me back over it, whittling away at it and re-fitting it, shimming it and re-fitting it, trimming some off and re-fitting it, until I get it right.

Which I haven’t yet.

Grrr. Arrrg.

That said, it’s not been a complete loss. Nailing this down (ha!) will launch me into the next several sections quite smoothly.

And this time, I mean it.