I’m not very social

Social media, at least. I don’t really have anything interesting to say and it’s well past time I stopped faking it.

Not that I’ve been fooling anyone on Twitter with my automatic* blog title tweets, or on Facebook with much the same. Even my personal blog is little more than the original intent of the ‘web log’, or online journal, and, therefore, incredibly out of synch with current usage and expectation.

No real surprise there, though the online journaling premise did help me hobble through to the end of TDYK. Still, not terribly interesting to most people**.

So, I guess I’m saying I won’t be around much online in the forseeable future. I’m still drafting ‘From A Long Way Off’ and I’ll eventually get to revising TDYK, but I don’t work quickly enough or interestingly enough to be rambling on about any of it***, so it seems wisest to shift the inordinate amount of time I spend trying to compose these posts**** back to doing actual writing.



* And automatically lame.

** By which I basically mean anyone who is not me.

*** Like this already overblown post.

**** It’s crazy. Really. I mean, 4 asterisks? Really?

  1. *not lame!
    ** I read it and am interested, but you can just tell me too.
    *** actually, pretty succinct for you ;)
    **** really, I think of them as footnotes, making the process a little mash-up af academic and creative pursuit
    ***** I just wanted to have one more * in my comment :D

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