You know what? The heck with it.

After the last several weeks of absence from this blog, I finally remembered something from Rule #1, and I realized I still had some rules to break.

A bit more than 5 years ago, I quit my day job in a crazy bid to make my writing work. It was a limited craziness, to be sure, since my wife still had her job and I had put away savings to get me through a few months of job-less-ness(?), before I committed to picking up work again.

Still, I had made the decision to put my writing in front.

Five years later? No book deals and no anthology publications, which would have crushed me if I’d known this on that day five years ago, but the thing of it all is, I have come to realize that I’m not even close to finishing. I’ve written 5 books in those 5 years, learning something with each one and each revision, and the ebook experience has been quite positive, which is great, though I clearly have more work to do on my end (though TDYK is in its final stages!).

Most importantly, though, I have an amazing wife who continues to support me through it all and a delightful little girl who brings new wonders each day.

Is everything perfect? Of course not, but where would be the fun in that?

Which brings me back to that early post of mine. I took this path not because it was easy, but because I needed to, or I would forever doubt myself. I still doubt myself (regularly), but I do not doubt my ability to follow through. For me, that first step meant breaking the rules to know that I had not ignored a possibility, and I will not look back with regret.

I have several things on tap, perhaps too many, but hey, I won’t know til I try, right?

Here’s to whatever comes next!


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