Something worth saying?

A couple months ago, I bemoaned my lack of anything interesting to say and left the blog idle. One might find it strange that I came to this realization after 5 years of saying lots of nothing on an almost daily basis, but there it is.

Moreover, this position seemed to be subverted when I made a rather cryptic and meandering post a few weeks later, vaguely implying that I actually did have something to say and it would be forthcoming.

Which was followed by nothing less than a post about me liking the rain (gosh!), thereby subverting the apparent subversion and ultimately reinforcing the fact that I don’t have anything to say.

Yet, here I am again.


Two reasons, mainly, both entirely selfish:

  1. I’m applying for new jobs and I’m hoping a bald-faced attempt to show I have something to say about topical points in web design and development will help sway potential employers who are (I hope) trying to find out more about me.
  2. While I’ve kept at the writing every day, it’s been getting quite messy and posting regularly to the blog has often helped me achieve clarity, not only for the particular section I’m working on, but in the larger view. I still doubt whether I have anything of genuine value to say about writing, given my general lack of success* in that arena, but I am stubbornly hopeful.

Like I said, selfish.

Anyway, to address the first reason, I’ll be starting a series of posts, probably weekly, on my own observations around web design and development. These will be more conceptual than code-based, because I really don’t have anything to add to the vast wealth of code blogs and resources out there. I do, however, believe I have experience worth sharing about how I (and the various industries I’ve worked in) approach the web, both internally and externally.

As regards the second reason, well, if you’ve been here before, the new posts will be largely more of the same. I anticipate a couple more ‘rules’ and perhaps a rules review, but mostly I expect it will be longer or shorter commentary on the day to day progress, or lack thereof. I would love to say I have some grand view for this, but the goal is simply to become a better writer, and the only way I know of doing that is to keep doing the work**.

So, yes, here I am again, muddling through.

The first tech post should be up tomorrow.


* Which, yes, I’m attributing a financial value to.

** Even when it doesn’t seem to work. Especially then, actually.