When I’m down . . .

. . . the only direction left is up.*

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by numerous things lately, including the fact that I’ve somehow found myself writing three separate novels. ‘Found’ is perhaps disingenuous, since I can tell you exactly how it happened:

First, I was ready to begin the final revision of TDYK, the third book with Kelly & Co., when I realized I needed to step away from it to really re-assess some of the issues that might need more significant work therein.

In flailing around for my next project, I decided to finally take a chance at a family narrative, which is a personal project that I’ve been guiltily stalling on for at least a couple years, for various reasons. Once I bit the bullet, though, things began to move quite well.

Then, for reasons best left unexplained, I made the choice to put No Good Deed back out into the world of agents and publishers. This process reminded me that I had another book sitting on the shelf for the last couple years: Running on Empty.

The thought was a siren call, because RoE has had a split existence ever since I dumped 50,000 words from it for being ‘too expansive and epic’ when all I wanted to write was a fun, tight action piece. That dumped material has been sitting there all this time, though, and I finally decided to take the plunge and see if I actually had a science fiction epic after all.

When I reached the end of those 50,000 words, however, I realized I was probably only halfway done. The ennui was almost physical.

Ironically, it was a lightning-fast rejection for NGD that got me out of that funk. It also helped me realize how close the streamlined version of RoE was, which (finally!) brings us back to the present.

I’m working my way through the final printout of RoE (since it’s the closest to done) in anticipation of getting it out to agents and publishers in the next week or so. TDYK will likely come after that, though the narrative piece may get precedence. I’m not sure.

Is this the best way to do this? No idea, but I’m going to find out.


* Well, that’s not quite true. I could easily go sideways, wallowing around in the ‘down-ness’, but that’s not nearly as pithy a statement. And I’ve finished with the wallowing. For now.