Don’t do it like this


  • Assume your final revision will be just ‘small edits’
  • Therefore, print out the copy single-spaced, in 10 point font, with half-inch margins
  • Use a dull pencil

All of which I did/am doing in this revision of RoE.

The reasons for not doing this are self-evident, but just to emphasize how foolish I am, here’s what it looks like (click for full size – 5MB – in new window):

Editing Done Wrong – RoE

However, despite putting up my own numerous obstacles in this way, I was able to get through a bit more than 2 pages today(of a total 53 in this foolishly condensed format), thanks to my wife watching Lillian this morning to give me extra writing time.

A luckier man than I, I do not know.*


* Even when I’m making things harder for myself like this.