Not what I intended, and that’s good.

Today I worked on a stretch of intrigue-heavy material, and I’m still smiling, thinking about it. I want to do more, but I hit a chapter end and Lillian will be up soon and I want to finish the tech post which I’m halfway through and have already postponed too long.

That said, I had not intended to write a thriller with RoE, not explicitly at least. It was originally a short story writing assignment based on a prop (in this case, a squirting flower gag toy) and a catch phrase (‘To the moon’). It took far longer than I’d hoped to put these two together and I didn’t finish in the time allotted, but once I’d finally gotten that hook, I couldn’t let it go, and, like most of my writing, once it began to grow, it didn’t stop.

What was originally a fairly straightforward SF action piece expanded into a full-scale inter-galactic epic, before I yanked hard on the reins* and pulled it back to the more streamlined novella of, unexpectedly, political and scientific intrigue.

Amazing where stories can take you.


* Danger, Will Robinson! Mangled analogy! Danger!


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