14 pages in 2 days! (with apologies to my wife and daughter)

Briefly (as the day job looms), I just wanted to say that there has been much great work these last couple days, thanks in part to more dialogue and action, and in part to less sleep and unceasing support of my wife.

Which brings me to the apology portion of our show. My psychological state has recently been tied to my writing experience, for better and for worse*. If I’m having a good day, like yesterday and this morning, I’m pretty nice to be around. If I’m struggling with a tangle mess of plot flaws or simply not being productive enough**, I’m much, much, much*** less nice to be around.

I’m sorry, love. Both of you.

Thank you for bearing with me. I’ll get the hang of this, someday.


* Mostly worse.

** Whatever that means.

*** MUCH