Trying too hard (again)

After weeks of two steps forward and two steps back, I’m putting TDYK aside for a bit. I should have done this long before now, but I was too stubborn. I had it in my head that this was going to be the last pass before beta readers, no matter what, and I’ve been pushing and pushing to make that happen.

Unfortunately, it’s become painfully and depressingly clear that that is not going to be the case, so it’s time to let go and focus on something else to clear the system so I can come back to it with new eyes and new energy.

Why it takes me so long to realize this kind of thing, I don’t know.

Actually, that’s not true. It doesn’t take me long to ‘realize’ that I’m doing it — that part’s usually pretty clear, pretty quickly — it just takes me FOREVER to accept it and do something about it.

Or, more accurately, to stop trying to do something about it.

And the thing is, as soon as I come around to this decision, I know it’s the best choice. Like now. I’m frustrated that this will delay TDYK a bit, but, if I’m honest, it will likely speed things up. I could keep hammering away at these dead ends for who knows how long, which — best case — would delay the story overall because I doubt the decisions I’d make in that state would be worth keeping, so I’d be doing rewrites again anyway, or — worst case — would end up killing both the story and my interest in it.

And now, as the Python boys were fond of saying, for something completely different.