The State of Things

So,  today didn’t go as expected, but that’s to be . . . well . . . expected.

Regardless, I promised to explain where things stand here, so here goes (but to avoid breaking the rule of ‘less posting than writing’, it’s going to be super-brief*)

TDYK – As a novel, it is complete. As a story, it’s missing something. I think I know what that something is, though, and will be getting back into it soon. Why not now? Well, because in the time I put it down, I’ve written four children’s picture book stories.

  • Ogre Papa and Troll Mama Have a Baby – There’s a surprise, eh? Anyway, this was the first. The first draft was actually written a year ago almost exactly, but it got put aside because A) I was trying (too hard) to finish TDYK and B) We sold our house, I changed jobs, we moved in with my parents, I changed jobs again, we bought another house… You know, the usual. For the record, though, Lillian helped me write this one.
  • A Girl and Her Stick – This is the one I just revised, having finally accepted what wasn’t working and thereby discovered what was. Perhaps a bit message-heavy, but I think the latest fixes really make it stand tall.
  • Edward and The Family Reunion – My first rhyming story. A near-epic, but a lot of fun, and the one that Lillian now knows almost completely by heart and requests on a regular basis.
  • Can A Puffin Swing A Hammer? – Another rhyming piece, Not, I hope, what you might think (though I’m not certain what you might think, with that title). Lot of fun to put together, and it gets some good back and forth from Lillian when we tell it.

A Girl and Her Stick is about to go out to agents (just one to begin with, though, but only if I ever finish the cover letter), but instead of tackling TDYK, I chose to revise Uncle Deppo Versus the Truth – A fantasy short-story/novelette that really should have been out there by now, but, again, was missing something. I’m hoping I have the answer to this one, too, now, and I’m almost halfway through it as of tonight.

Why not TDYK? It’s way overdue and people have actually read the other two in the series and might actually be interested in this one, so why wait? I’d like to spin it as ‘efficency’, but honestly I’m being lazy. These other pieces have all been shorter and therefore qucker to turn around.

Even if the fix to TDYK is as clear as I think it is, it’s not going to be easy, and I don’t dare release it until I’ve gone through the whole book again to make sure I didn’t break something in the beginning by changing something at the end. Just thinking about that tires me, as it always does any time I start a new novel-length story. The truth is I’m extremely excited about it, but I need to get past the hurdle of thinking about how much time and effort it’s going to involve.

I’m almost there, though.

* Or not, apparently.