Probably should have stayed in bed

Not really feeling it this morning. Did a little* bit of work on Uncle Deppo, then spent about 15 times that time researching agents, with no new result. Did at least follow through on a few more query submissions, though these have been sitting around waiting for me to commit to for a few days, so hard to count towards today’s activity.

Ah, well.

Some days are like that.


* small, tiny, fraction, eensy-weensy

  1. I think eensy-weensy would be a perfect name for a great dane….but we still aren’t going to get one before we get a pony.
    BTW – you’re pretty awesome. :)

  2. Thanks, FPBDL :)

    You’re pretty fab, yourself (even if I’m outnumbered on the Great Dane v. pony debate now).

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