Have Mech, Will Travel
The Revionist

Have Mech, Will Travel


Once upon a time, Tsui jockeyed mechs with the best of them, maneuvering the mechanical behemoths of modern warfare like trained dancers.

That was a lifetime ago, though, which was why he was taking this job on another has-been mining colony on another dusty moon around another terraformed planet that certainly hadn’t panned out the way its investors had planned.

Not unlike Tsui’s life.

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The Revisionist


” . . . crisp and intense. From the moment you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until you know how it ends!”
– TeamNerd Reviews

Community college instructor and frustrated ‘serious’ writer Frank Middleston is no stranger to literary rejection, but when new young adjunct Cole Harper strikes a record-shattering book deal for his YA vampire novel, Frank’s world is turned inside out as he becomes his own worst nightmare.

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